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Environment & sustainability


Sustainability makes tomorrow better than today

Sound Transit's mission supports communities, the environment and economy by providing affordable, environmentally-friendly public transit that connect residents to where they live, work and play.

Sustainability is part of daily business to enhance regional quality of life by:

  • Reducing car trips by carrying more riders
  • Supporting smart regional growth
  • Fostering transit-oriented development and improved transit access
  • Designing and building greener projects
  • Operating fleets and facilities more efficiently

Continually improving

Sound Transit maintains an internationally certified (ISO 14001) Environmental and Sustainability Management System to be accountable for controlling any environmental impacts, maintaining environmental compliance and demonstrating improvements in performance.

 2015 Sustainability Plan Update 

pdf Environmental Policy 

pdf Sustainability Board Resolution

pdf Sustainability Executive Order No. 1


pdf Sustainability Plan 3-Year Progress Report

pdf 2014 Sustainability Progress Report

pdf 2014 Sustainability Progress Report - Appendix

pdf 2014 Year in Review


pdf 2015 Sustainability Targets 


Perry Weinberg
Director, Office of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability and Senior Legal Counsel, 206-689-4931

More information on Sound Transit's Sustainability Initiative or ESMS:



Riding transit reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Sustainability spotlight

Improving regional air quality
Sound Transit's greenhouse gas emissions are displaced more than 2.5 times in the region by riders leaving their cars behind.


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