Types of fares

Senior/disabled fares

People 65 or older and people with disabilities can ride at a reduced rate with a Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP). An RRFP is given to you on an ORCA card. When applying for an RRFP, be sure to bring proof of age (65+), a valid Medicare card or proof of qualifying condition. The permit will cost $3. 

Learn if you qualify for reduced fares and where to get an RRFP.


Youth fares (age 6-18)

Youths age six to 18 pay a reduced fare on Sound Transit services. You can buy a ticket from a ticket vending machine to ride Sounder or Link trains or pay your bus fare with cash.

You also can buy a youth ORCA card from your local pass sales outlet.

Where to get a youth ORCA card.

Children (age 0-5)

Children age five and younger ride free with a fare-paying passenger.

More about riding on buses and trains with children.

Low-income fares (Link only)

If you qualify for a low-income fare, you can ride Link for $1.50 with a reduced fare ORCA card, which is registered and issued to each user. Low-income fares do not apply to ST Express buses, Sounder trains or Tacoma Link.

Learn if you qualify for low-income fares and where to get a low-income ORCA card.