Open Transit Data

Participating Transit Agencies


Open Transit Data (OTD) is the bank of publically-accessible transit data for the Puget Sound region managed by Sound Transit


What it is

Free and accessible - we ask that you agree to our terms of service but beyond that you are free to use the data how and when you like. Request an API key or download the files

A community - people that love transit, people that like to work with data, people that help build things. See our resources page for where and how to find your peeps


What it isn't

Static - at a  minimum, most agencies issue a service change twice a year. Some are constantly tweaking routes, stops and schedules. We strive to keep it current, but it is constantly evolving

Comprehensive - we continue to add services and agencies including explanding the real-time offerings. See the roadmap below for what's currently on tap


Who it's for

Anyone that has an interest in transit data, from students interesting in maps and urban planning to developers looking to produce the next great app that will blow everyone away. Maybe you just want to code a little more efficiency into your own commute!


  • Spring Service Change is now complete! All files should be up to date until the tweaks start coming in
  • Known data issues and minor improvements will now be listed here on the Data Quality page

  • Schedule and real-time data for Washington State Ferries (available now)
  • Beta version of a consolidated GTFS file -all Puget Sound participating agencies in one downloadable file set (available now)
  • Prototyping LINK real-time data
  • Everett Transit real-time data (coming soon)

Farther out:

  • Real-time data for Community Transit and related Sound Transit routes
  • Real-time data archive