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How, when and where should mass transit continue to grow after current voter-approved projects are complete in 2023? Help shape the Long-Range Plan to expand mass transit. The Draft Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) is now available for review.

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Latest news

Rainier open house
Jul 31, 2014: Design plans are 60 percent complete for Rainier station

Federal Way Link Extension open house
Jul 31, 2014: Learn about light rail route alternatives and potential station locations studied in the DEIS

Video: Overhead trackway time lapse
Jul 31, 2014: About 8 hours of footage captured over several days of gantry crane work. A total of 1,100 concrete segments will create the 1.6-mile extension.

Roosevelt Station: Construction Alert
Jul 31, 2014: Saturday morning concrete pour at Roosevelt Station construction site

Construction alert: S. 200th Link Extension
Jul 30, 2014: Large crane moving across South 188th Street and portions of 28th Ave South in SeaTac