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How, when and where should mass transit continue to grow after current voter-approved projects are complete in 2023? Sound Transit is working to update the Long-Range Plan to expand mass transit. 

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Latest news

Northgate Link Extension drop-in meeting: Northgate Station
Oct 23, 2014: Northgate Link Extension drop-in meeting

South Bellevue open house
Nov 6, 2014: South Bellevue open house

Fire alarm test at the University of Washington Station--Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Oct 20, 2014: This Tuesday, October 21, Sound Transit’s contractor will test the fire alarm at the University of Washington Station.

Construction alert: S. 200th Link Extension
Oct 17, 2014: Nighttime construction at South 200th Street in SeaTac

Roosevelt Station: Construction Alert
Oct 9, 2014: 6 a.m. equipment delivery Saturday