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Thanks to more than 24K public comments, the Board updated the Long-Range Plan on Dec. 18, 2014. Next step - shaping a ballot measure together.

Regional Transit Long-Range Plan

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Public hearing - Federal Way Community Center
May 6, 2015: Public hearing at Federal Way Community Center, Federal Way Link Extension project

You’re invited: Link light rail drop-in meeting
May 6, 2015: Link light rail drop-in meeting

Public hearing - Highline College
May 7, 2015: Public hearing at Highline College, Federal Way Link Extension project

Construction alert: Capitol Hill Station
Apr 17, 2015: Roadway restoration of 10th Avenue E. to start as early as April 20

Federal Register Notice of Availability of Draft EIS
Apr 13, 2015: Federal Register notice of availability for the Draft EIS

Transit Oriented Development Study
Apr 9, 2015: