Redmond Technology Center Station

Located along SR 520 at the current Overlake Transit Center site, this station is a major hub with connections between public transit and private transportation services. The station also provides increased parking for over 300 cars and covered facilities for over 100 bikes. This is the final station for the East Link Extension funded in ST2.


Mode: Link

Opens for service: Targeted 2023 

Project phase: Final design 

Ride time: Overlake Transit Center to Mercer Island in about 20 minutes

Key features

  • An at-grade freeway adjacent transit center station running between 156th Ave NE and SR520
  • Station includes a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge, funded by Microsoft
    • An expanded park-and-ride facility to accommodate approximately 300 vehicles
    • Integrated connection from the park-and-ride facility to the bicycle and pedestrian bridge
    • Bicycle storage
  • Passenger drop-off/pickup area
  • Plaza area with space for public art and a future bike share station

See most recent design materials in the document archive.

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  • Downtown Bellevue: early 2016
    • Tunnel construction is scheduled to begin in early 2016 while the remainder of downtown Bellevue construction will begin in mid-2017 
  • South Bellevue: late 2016 
  • Overlake: early 2017
  • Bel-Red: early 2017
  • I-90: mid-2017 


  • ARTIST: To be determined (Northwest Regional)
  • DESCRIPTION: STart is working on an Honors Commission for a Northwest artist to develop work for the Redmond Technology Center Station.

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