Project phases

Current Project Phase: Environmental review & preliminary design - DEIS Review

What is Environmental Review?
In the fall of 2012, the Sound Transit Board of Directors identified four OMSF alternatives to be studied in an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The May 9, 2014, publication of the OMSF Draft EIS included 45-days for public review and comment.  During the comment period that closed on June 23rd, 2014, public hearings were held in Lynnwood and Bellevue to inform the public about the project purpose and need, present the Draft EIS findings, and collect comment on the project from the community. 

The Draft EIS:

  • Describes the alternatives and their potential environmental impacts.
  • Provides environmental information to assist decision makers in identifying a preferred alternative.
  • Identifies measures to avoid and minimize impacts and, when necessary, mitigate adverse impacts.

After the preferred alternative is identified by the Sound Transit Board, a Final EIS will be prepared that includes responses to public comments.

Learn more about the project and review past meeting materials by visiting the document archive.

Selection of alternatives
The environmental scoping process for the OMSF, completed in October 2012, assessed and collected public comment on many alternatives.  This work helped the Sound Transit Board identify four alternatives to study in the Draft EIS.

Learn more about sites studied: DEIS Table 2-1. Potential and Suggested Alternatives.

What's next?

The Sound Transit Board is expected to identify a preliminary preferred site alternative in the 3rd-quarter of 2014; and, once identified work will begin on a Final EIS and preliminary engineering. The Final EIS will also document and address comments received on the DEIS.  Following the publication of the Final EIS, the Sound Transit Board of Directors will make a final decision by selecting the preferred maintenance facility site for the project. In addition, after the Final EIS is published, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is expected to issue its Record of Decision (ROD) on the project during the fall of 2015. If you wish to be notified of the availability of the Final EIS subscribe to project alerts:  

  After the Final EIS phase of work ends the project enters final design - this is the phase of project work when project architects and engineers complete the design of the facility and determine construction methods.  Sound Transit will make final decisions about property acquisitions during final design, and impacted property owners will be contacted again at that time by Sound Transit Real Property staff the project continues to impact their property. 

Board Motion
Staff Report

Design and Permitting: 2015 to 2017

Construction: 2017 to 2020

Project completion and operations begin: 2020

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