U District Station

U District Station

This underground station is located in the University District on Brooklyn Avenue NE between NE 45th and NE 43rd streets and will serve the surrounding residential community, the "Ave" business district, other employment sites, the UW Tower and the north University of Washington campus. It will include two station entrances, each include elevators, escalators, stairs and bike parking totaling about 100 spaces. The site was designed to accommodate future development above the station.

When the station opens, riders will be able to travel to the airport in 41 minutes and to Northgate in about 5 minutes.



Sound Transit is scheduled to start construction in the U District in early 2013 with demolition. This part of the project includes: removing hazardous materials from buildings, demolishing and removing existing buildings (UW Building A, former Chase Bank and parking garage and a residential home). Businesses adjacent to the alley between NE 43rd and NE 45th streets adjacent to Brooklyn Avenue NE will undergo temporary changes to their garbage/recycling services.

Salvage and recycling are a very important part of Sound Transit's sustainability and it is our goal to salvage, reuse, and recycle a minimum of 75 percent of the materials.

Utility relocation

There are two utility relocation projects that will occur in 2013. Comcast will relocate cable just south of the Brooklyn Avenue NE and NE 45th Street intersection. Puget Sound Energy will relocate their utilities on NE 12th Avenue between NE 43rd and NE 45th streets. It's expected to take less than a month for both of these relocations.

During the excavation and tunneling phase our contractor will do additional utility relocation on NE 43rd Street between 12th Avenue NE and University Way, on NE 42nd Street between Brooklyn Avenue and University Way and on Brooklyn Avenue between NE 45th and NE 42nd streets. The schedule for this work is scheduled to start late 2013 - early 2014.

Excavation, tunneling and station construction

The excavation and tunneling contractor is scheduled to start work in the U District in early 2014. A solid construction wall will be erected during this phase that will surround the construction site to help reduce dust and noise.

  • During this phase the contractor will be excavating the station box which requires closing Brooklyn Ave NE between NE 45th and NE 43rd streets to vehicle traffic.
  • Tunneling will last a little over two years. Tunneling will begin from Roosevelt Station south to U District Station site and continue to University of Washington Station. Nighttime noise variance applies during this work.
  • Once the excavation and tunneling contractor is completed the station contractor is scheduled to start in late 2017 and build the station (floors, stairs, mezzanines, elevators, the above ground entrance to the station, etc.).
  • As the station construction draws to an end, the contractor will restore the landscaping and reopen the NE 43rd Street and Brooklyn Avenue NE intersection to vehicle traffic - in approximately 2020.

Testing & pre-operations

Testing and pre-operations is the final phase before operations. This is scheduled to start in late 2018 and includes installing all of the communication/emergency systems and testing of the alignment for operations.

See the presentations from our 2012 construction open house here.  

Outreach staff

No photo available Paige Cureton
Title: Community Outreach Specialist
Office Phone: 206-903-7032
Email Address: paige.cureton@soundtransit.org

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U District Station: Construction Alert
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