Puyallup Station Improvements

Passengers accessing Puyallup Station and Sounder

Sound Transit will improve access to Puyallup Station for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers. Improvements are expected to be completed by 2023.

1,100 people ride the Sounder Train or Express Bus from Puyallup Station every day. Ten roundtrip Sounder trains stop at Puyallup Station. Parking is usually full early in the morning and commuters heading to and from Puyallup Station experience congestion. Sound Transit plans to provide 13 roundtrips by 2017, and predicts approximately 70% increase in ridership by 2035. As ridership and service increases, easy and reliable access to the station will continue to be important. 


Project purpose:
Improve access for Sounder riders to Puyallup Station

  • Focusing on pedestrian and parking garage improvements within 1/4-mile
  • Focusing on parking lot, vehicle access and bicycle improvements within 1/2-mile

Project goals: 
Sound Transit has worked with city staff, community leaders and stakeholders to develop a set of project goals for the project. These goals provide a framework for developing access improvements.

  • Provide improved access to Sounder riders
  • Benefit the local community
  • Support Sound Transit's regional commitments
  • Maintain a healthy environment

Milestone: On August 28, the Sound Transit Board identified a 420-stall parking garage at the current site of the Eagles property, a pedestrian bridge over Fifth Street NW from the garage to the Sounder Station and a pedestrian/bicycle bridge over the railroad tracks at the station, a surface parking lot along the north side of Third Avenue Northwest, and additional leased parking at the Red Lot at Seventh Avenue Southwest and Fifth Street Southwest.

Project budget: $55 million (2014 dollars)

Timeline: All access improvements will be completed by 2023

Map of project area

Outreach staff

No photo available Jennifer Lemus
Title: Community Outreach Specialist
Office Phone: 206-398-5314
Email Address: jennifer.lemus@soundtransit.org

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