University Link Extension

University Link TBM

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Link Light Rail

Start of service:

Expected 2016


University Link extends the existing light rail service to the north connecting the University of Washington and Capitol Hill to downtown Seattle and the airport. The project includes 3.15 miles of new tunnel track and two underground stations: one at Capitol Hill and one at the University of Washington.

University Link will serve the three largest urban centers in the state of Washington – downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill and the University District. 




Length: 3.15 miles connects downtown Seattle to UW (Husky Stadium)

Rider projection: University Link will add 71,000 riders to the system by 2030, bringing the systemwide total to 114,000.

Budget: $1.9 billion

Construction type: Twin-bored tunnels

Funding partners: sales tax, MVET tax, federal grants

Latest news

Construction alert: Capitol Hill Station
Apr 17, 2015: Roadway restoration of 10th Avenue E. to start as early as April 20

U District: Construction Update
Apr 9, 2015: U District: Construction Update

U District: Extended work hours planned for Saturday, April 4
Apr 1, 2015: U District: Extended work hours planned for Saturday, April 4