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Photo of the week

Knickerbocker wetland mitigation planting

Photo for week of October 24, 2014

Knickerbocker restoration film

Sound Transit is involved in an important restoration project in North Seattle. As part of the Northgate Link construction, a small area of wetlands at the Maple Leaf Portal was filled and excavated to make room for the tunnel boring machine. To offset that loss, new wetlands needed to be created. So, Sound Transit partnered with Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle City Parks to expand the existing floodplain restoration project they were planning on Thornton Creek. SPU is also partnering with an environmental documentary film maker to create a short film about this unique stream restoration project. Sound Transit staff is seen here describing the wetland elements of the project. The name of the project, Knickerbocker, comes from one of the families that sold the property where the project is located.

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