Service planning

2016 Service Implementation Plan

Each year, Sound Transit's Service Planning Department prepares a Service Implementation Plan (SIP) to guide the delivery of ST Express Bus, Sounder commuter rail, and Link light rail services. The SIP describes service and revisions proposed for the upcoming budget year, together with preliminary proposals and financial estimates for the subsequent 5-year period.

The 2016 SIP directs the implementation of expanded transit service to meet the region's growing demand for fast, frequent and reliable transit options. Link service will extend north to the University of Washington campus in Seattle and south to the Angle Lake community in SeaTac. A new Sounder round-trip train will be added to the busy south line to expand service. Additional ST Express service will be added to accommodate growing express bus ridership throughout the Sound Transit district.

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Current materials

2016 Final Draft Service Implementation Plan (Complete)
2016 Final Draft Service Implementation Plan Executive Summary (Complete)

Updated service standards

The 2014 service standards have been approved by the Sound Transit board. These guidelines will be used to plan new services and manage existing bus and train assets. In 2014, the proposed revisions focus on updates to the evaluation and adjustment of existing services.

Read about the changes:
 2014 Service Standards and Performance Measures

Materials from previous years

2015 Service Implementation Plan (Complete)

2014 Service Implementation Plan pdf (Complete)

2014 Service Implementation Plan Executive Summary (Complete)

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