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Fast and frequent: ST Express buses use the less congested HOV lanes for faster service across Lake Washington.

Ride the bus. Skip the toll!

ST Express buses make frequent trips every weekday across the SR 520 and I-90 bridges-even more during morning and afternoon rush hours. When you ride the bus, you don't have to pay the new SR 520 toll!

Buses are a toll-free, stress-free alternative to driving across Lake Washington.

Plan your trip

It's easy. Just use the Trip Planner to organize your trip.

Making connections

Park your car and catch the bus. Buses serve several park-and-ride lots in Seattle and on the Eastside. Neighborhood buses connect with cross-lake routes at key transit hubs, including the U-District and Bellevue Transit Center.

Paying fares

Riding the bus is cheap and easy. Adult fares are $2.50 between Seattle and the Eastside.

More about the project

To learn more about construction of the SR 520 bridge visit: