Free Wi-Fi internet access is available on select Sounder train cars

Look for the Wi-Fi icon near vehicle doors to see if your train car is equipped with free wireless internet access.

Phasing out Wi-Fi on ST Express buses

As part of a pilot project Sound Transit equipped 34 of its ST Express buses with Wi-Fi ability. Since the start of pilot project, many of the Wi-Fi equipped buses have been retired and replaced with newer, more fuel-efficient buses.

Sound Transit concluded it is not cost-effective to maintain the pilot program on its buses for three reasons: The Wi-Fi systems on the Sound Transit buses are now too outdated to find parts for replacement; use is low; and the expense required to put new Wi-Fi equipment on the new buses is prohibitively high. 

We are sorry bus riders who enjoyed this free access will no longer be able to use Sound Transit Wi-Fi.  Sound Transit is committed to delivering a premium commute experience for our riders. The agency is currently looking at all of our rider technologies and putting together a plan for future improvements that are a better fit with rapidly developing wireless technology.

Wi-Fi on select Sounder train cars

Sounder cars are equipped with Wi-Fi access on both Everett-Seattle and Lakewood-Seattle service. Sounder cars with 100 and 300 series numbers are equipped. The series number is marked outside each car.

This Wi-Fi is not a secure access.

Limit use of streaming audio and video

Wi-Fi is not a secure access.

Sound Transit's onboard mobile Wi-Fi has limited bandwidth that is shared among all the users on your bus or train. Please be courteous to your fellow internet users by limiting your use of streaming audio and video.

NOTE: At any time, this free service may not be available despite the Wi-Fi icon on the Sound Transit vehicles.