Wireless Access

Cell Service coming to Link tunnels

Starting August 23, cell phone service begins rolling out in Link tunnels. The first section to open will be the new U-Link tunnels between Westlake Station and the University of Washington, including Capitol Hill Station and University of Washington Station (Westlake Station will open along with the rest of the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel). Initially T-Mobile will be the first service provider, followed by Verizon and then AT&T. Later this year tunnel service between International District/Chinatown Station and Westlake Station will open up. Next year service will come to the Beacon Hill tunnel.

Sound Transit is not responsible for service issues. If you have issues with your service, contact your service provider.

Free Wi-Fi internet access is available on Sounder trains

Wi-Fi service is provided through cellular service so expect some network loss in 'dead zones'.

Limit use of streaming audio and video

Wi-Fi is not a secure access.

Sound Transit's onboard mobile Wi-Fi has limited bandwidth that is shared among all the users on your train. Please be courteous to your fellow internet users by limiting your use of streaming audio and video.

NOTE: At any time, this free service may not be available despite the Wi-Fi icon on the Sound Transit vehicles.