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Carpools may apply now for a November permit to park at Tukwila Station, Kent Station, Auburn Station, Sumner Station or Puyallup Station, Angle Lake Station and Tukwila International Boulevard Station. For $5 per month, carpool permits allow regular transit commuters to access priority parking at Sound Transit's most popular parking facilities.

If you carpool to your transit facility and transfer to a bus or train at least 3 days each week, you may be eligible for a carpool parking permit. Two or more carpool members can apply together by visiting the permit application portal selecting your preferred parking facility, entering names, contact information and ORCA card numbers.

To learn how to get an ORCA card, visit https://orcacard.com. If you currently drive alone to a park-and-ride, visit www.RideshareOnline.com for help forming a carpool.

Questions about permit eligibility, applications and payments?

Call Republic Parking Northwest at 206-783-4144, extension 0.

Questions or comments about Sound Transit parking policies and planning?

Email parking@soundtransit.org

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