Seahawks service

Sound Transit is adding a special event train for the Jan. 7th playoff game against the Detroit Lions. Go Hawks!

Ride Sounder trains to King Street Station, just a short walk from CenturyLink Field.

Take buses or Link to the stadiums.

Weekend Sounder service to the Seahawks games

Weekend Sounder service to the Seahawks games

Game day train schedule to Seattle/King Street Station.

From Lakewood to Seattle 

Lakewood 1:50pm - 2:30pm
S. Tacoma 1:55pm - 2:35pm
Tacoma 2:04pm - 2:44pm
Puyallup 2:16pm - 2:56pm
Sumner - 2:37pm 3:01pm
Auburn - 2:46pm 3:10pm
Kent - 2:53pm 3:17pm
Tukwila - 3:00pm 3:24pm
Seattle 2:57pm 3:19pm 3:43pm

From Everett to Seattle 

Everett 2:15pm 2:30pm  
Mukilteo 2:26pm 2:41pm  
Edmonds 2:41pm 2:56pm  
Seattle 3:14pm 3:29pm  


Return schedule - from Seattle/King Street Station
South line trains depart King Street Station 10, 20 and 45 minutes after game ends; north line trains depart 15 and 35 minutes after.



Stadium area map via Bing maps.

Nearby stations:

Link Stadium Station at 501 S. Royal Brougham Way
Link International District/Chinatown Station at 5th Ave S. & S. Jackson St
Sounder King Street Station at S. Weller St. & Fourth Ave. S

Parking is available at all Sounder train stations with the exception of King Street Station in Seattle.

Learn about parking for Sounder train stations:


South Tacoma










You can buy day passes for Sounder FC matches on the day of travel or in advance at station ticket vending machines.

Ticket vending machines [TVMs] issue one-way or day passes.

TVMs accept cash, E-purse, Visa or MasterCard.

ORCA cards and FlexPasses are valid.

More about Sounder fares.


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