Sound Transit tax increases reflect passage of ST3

Residents of the Sound Transit District will notice increases this year to their car tab renewal, property and sales taxes. o These increases reflect last year’s voter approval of Sound Transit 3 (ST3), the ballot measure to expand mass transit throughout Puget Sound.

Building upon previously voter approved light rail extensions to Northgate, Lynnwood, Bellevue and Overlake opening by 2023, ST3 brings to the region new light rail, bus rapid transit and commuter rail stations every two to six years, providing fast, reliable alternatives to congested roads. 

ST3 will expand the regional light rail network to 116 miles serving more than 80 stations, from Everett to Tacoma; from Ballard and South Lake Union to downtown Seattle; from downtown Redmond to Bellevue and Seattle; from south Kirkland through Bellevue to Issaquah and from West Seattle to downtown Seattle. 

Sounder south commuter rail will expand its capacity to serve up to 40% more passengers and two new stations will be added to the line, with parking and non-motorized access improvements to stations also funded. Expanded parking at the Sounder north Edmonds and Mukilteo stations and in north Sammamish is also part of ST3.

Bus rapid transit providing frequent and reliable service will be built to the north, east and south of Lake Washington, with connections to the light rail network in Bellevue, Lynnwood and Tukwila.

These follow last year’s opening of three new light rail stations at the University of Washington, Capitol Hill and Angle Lake in SeaTac, all delivered ahead of schedule and under budget. Together they helped boost light rail weekday ridership by 90% over 2015.

Sound Transit system expansion, including ST3, is funded by a combination of local taxes, federal grants, fares, interest earnings and miscellaneous revenue. Read more about voter-approved taxes and paying for expanded mass transit in our tax FAQs.

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