Northgate Station

Northgate Station looking southeast

The elevated Northgate Station will be located east of 1st Avenue NE, spanning NE 103rd Street. Station entrances will be on the Northgate Mall property north of NE 103rd Street and south of NE 103rd Street near the Northgate Transit Center. This station would provide access to the Northgate Mall, bus transfers at the transit center, adjacent park-and-ride facilities, North Seattle Community College and surrounding residences and businesses. Northgate Station is being designed to be compatible with the extension of light rail north to Lynnwood.


Mode: Link

Opens for service: 2021

Ride time: Northgate to downtown Seattle in 14 minutes

Rider projection: Approximately 15,000 daily riders will board the train at Northgate Station by 2030.

Phase: Final design

Funding: Funding is a combination of federal grants, MVET and local sales tax

Outreach staff

Rhonda Dixon Rhonda Dixon
Title: Community Outreach Specialist
Office Phone: 206-370-5569
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