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The 2005 long range plan


To create a blueprint for addressing future growth in the region, the Sound Transit Board has approved a new Long-Range Plan. Using that plan, Sound Transit will work with the public and communities throughout the region to set priorities for Sound Transit 2(ST2) the next set of investments in our regional mass transit system.

Sound Transit's 2005 Long-Range Plan is the blueprint for future development of our regional transit system. A fast and effective transit system is essential to maintaining our quality of life and economic health. A recent report outlines many of the economic benefits of regional transit.

The Long-Range Plan identifies proposed transit service technologies in major corridors throughout the region and will serve as a guide for future phases of voter-approved transit projects. The original 1996 plan was reviewed and updated to reflect extensive analysis of the region's growth in the coming decades, and how a regional transit system might best accommodate that growth.

Sound Transit staff held a series of public meetings throughout the region to solicit comments. After reviewing public and agency comments on the draft, the Board unanimously adopted the updated Long-Range Plan in July 2005.

A map was developed to show potential future regional transit services under consideration. The lines on the map below are intended to show general travel corridors and not specific streets or alignments, which will be developed after further review and analysis.

Long-Range Plan issue papers were drafted at the request of the Sound Transit Board of Directors to provide them with information they need to make long range decisions about the future of our regional mass transit system.

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