Why regional transit?


The original 1996 Sound Move Plan (continued)

Sound Move - The Ten-Year System Plan

Sound Move - the Ten-Year Regional Transit System Plan being proposed by the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority* - takes just such an approach to begin "fixing" our transportation system. It's the first, ten-year step toward a long-range Regional Transit Vision. That vision is to expand the capacity of our region's major transportation corridors by adding new high-capacity transportation services and facilities.

Sound Move includes a mix of transportation improvements - High-occupancy-vehicle Expressway, regional express bus routes, commuter rail and light rail. The plan includes new community "gateways" - connections in urban and suburban areas for communities to connect to the rest of the region.

Sound Move is an opportunity for the region to test drive a regional transit system before deciding how much more of the vision to commit to.

One Piece of the Puzzle

Sound Move isn't the only thing planned to fix our regional transportation system, nor has it been prepared in a vacuum without coordination with other regional efforts and agencies. The plan was developed to fit within the region's comprehensive Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

That plan includes all forms of transportation - high-capacity transit, local transit, HOV lanes, ferries, airports, automobiles, freight traffic, bicycles, and pedestrians.

Sound Move also fits with the plans of local transit agencies who have been partners in regional transit planning. The RTA has designed new regional services that are coordinated with services provided by local transit and transportation agencies, offering a regionwide integrated system of routes, schedules and fares.

Growing and Growing and Growing...

Growth in any area is desirable and is the by-product of a strong, healthy and competitive economy. In another 25 years there will be 1.4 million more people living here. In addition to being part of the comprehensive Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Sound Move fits in with the region's adopted vision for guiding future growth in ways that maintain our region's high quality of life and preserve its environment. The high-capacity transit system's purpose is to improve mobility within the urban areas by providing travel alternatives so they may grow comfortably while preserving rural areas for future generations.

*Note: The Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (RTA) is now known as Sound Transit.