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ORCA card

Make it easy on yourself with ORCA

The ORCA card is all you need to pay your fare on Sound Transit, Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Seattle Street Car, the King County Water Taxi, and Washington State Ferries. If you need more than one bus or train to get to your destination, the ORCA card automatically calculates the transfer.


Adult ORCA cards cost $5.

Youth ORCA cards (ages 6-18) cost $5. Youth cards can only be purchased at an ORCA walk-in center or through the mail.

Regional Reduced Fare Permit and ORCA LIFT cards are free. Replacement cards cost $3.

Once you have a card, you can add between $5 and $300 on the card's E-purse or a monthly pass.

There are many ways to get an Adult ORCA card:

Online at

Phone: 888-988-6722 (TTY Relay: 711)

Ticket vending machines:

Link light rail stations

Sounder train stations

Bellevue Transit Center, Burien Transit Center, Eastgate Park-and-Ride, Federal Way Transit Center and Northgate Transit Center

Retail outlets 
Find the nearest retail location.

ORCA walk-in centers:

King County Metro206-553-3000 / TTY Relay: 711

Pierce Transit253-581-8000 / TTY Relay: 711

Community Transit: 425-348-2350 / TTY Relay: 711

Everett Transit: 425-257-7777 / 425-257-7778 TTY

For more information about ORCA, visit or call 888-988-6722 /TTY Relay 711 during regular business hours, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Print the order form and mail to:
ORCA Regional Mail Center
MS TR-0108
201 S. Jackson St.
Seattle, WA 98104

Add Value

Value can be added to the ORCA card anywhere ORCA is sold. You can add between $5 and $300 on the card's E-purse or a monthly pass.

Used like cash to pay bus or train fares,the fare for your ride is subtracted from the E-purse so you pay as you go.

Buy a pass
There are monthly regional pass options for Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit buses and Sound Transit buses and trains. Buy a pass that has the per-trip value of the trip you usually take. Passes are good for trips with fares up to the per-trip value of your pass. If the fare of any trip is more than your pass, you can pay the difference with your E-purse.

Passes are good for one calendar month
For example: A July pass is good July 1-31. If you buy the July monthly pass on July 13, the monthly pass is only good until July 31. The 14th of July is the last day to buy a July pass. You may buy an August pass beginning July 1, but the pass will be good starting August 1.


ST Express Bus
Tap your ORCA card at the card reader when you board. If the fare is more than the value of your pass, you must pay the difference with E-purse or cash. If you pay a reduced fare, you must have a valid Regional Reduced Fare Permit or LIFT card.

Sounder train & Link light rail
Before you ride tap your ORCA card at the yellow card reader. After you ride tap again. If you forget to tap after you get off the train you'll be charged the most expensive trip.

Fare inspection
If you do not tap before your ride, you could be fined $124. Show your ORCA card to the conductor or fare inspector when asked. If you pay a reduced fare, you must also show a valid Regional Reduced Fare Permit.

Using ORCA in the tunnel in downtown Seattle
Card readers and ticket vending machines are available at all tunnel stations.


Passes available on ORCA

Per trip value One month pass
$0.50 $18.00
$0.75 $27.00
$1.00 $36.00
$1.25 $45.00
$1.50 $54.00
$1.75 $63.00
$2.00 $72.00
$2.25 $81.00
$2.50 $90.00
$2.75 $99.00
$3.00 $108.00
$3.25 $117.00
$3.50 $126.00
$3.75 $135.00
$4.00 $144.00
$4.25 $153.00
$4.50 $162.00
$4.75 $171.00
$5.00 $180.00
$5.25 $189.00
$5.50 $198.00
$5.75 $207.00