Wilburton Station

Located just north of NE 8th Street, riders will enter at a south entrance from NE 8th Street and a north entrance connected to 116th Avenue NE via a new pedestrian walkway. This elevated station, which includes a passenger drop-off, pedestrian access and bus connections, provides important access to the medical facilities and Wilburton re-development area.


Mode: Link 

Opens for service: Targeted 2023 

Project phase: Final design 

Ride time: Wilburton Station to South Bellevue in about 8 minutes

Key features

  • Elevated station located just north of NE 8th St. along the former BNSF rail corridor
  • South station entrance at NE 8th Street and a north entrance connected to 116th Avenue NE via a new pedestrian walkway
  • Surface walkway from the north end of the station headed west toward 116th Ave. NE with connections to medical facilities
  • Bus, pedestrian and paratransit access

Station facilities

  • Passenger drop-off area directly to the east of the station
  • Covered bicycle storage
  • Public art

Issues for final design

  • Final architectural features
  • Artist selection
  • Construction staging, schedule and methods

See most recent design materials in the document archive.

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  • Central Bellevue: started in early 2016
    • Construction of the downtown Bellevue tunnel began in early 2016 and the remainder of central Bellevue construction is currently scheduled to begin in mid 2017
  • I-90: mid 2017
  • South Bellevue: mid 2017 
  • BelRed: mid 2017
  • Overlake: mid 2017

  • PROJECT: Plaza Sculpture
    • ARTIST: Phillip K. Smith III (Palm Springs, CA)
    • DESCRIPTION: Smith’s artwork responds to the color of the sky and the changing light over the course of days. An extruded X-shaped column of mirrored surfaces will reflect the sky and station surroundings during the day. As the light changes, internal lights will transform the sculpture into a lit column, changing and combining colors and serving as an iconic beacon identifying the station.
    • WEB: http://pks3.com/