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Positive Train Contrl - 8/11/14

Aug 11, 2014

Positive train control equipment being installed between Tacoma and Lakewood

Starting as early as Monday, August 11, a contractor working for Sound Transit will be installing additional safety technology on all Sounder trains by the end of 2015. The “Positive Train Control” technology is a fail-safe feature to override human error that could lead to train accidents and is now federally required for all passenger train service across the country. The PTC system involves modifications to Sounder vehicles, along with upgrades to the signaling system along the tracks.

Sound Transit will install PTC equipment on eight miles of railroad right-of-way property it owns between Tacoma and Lakewood. This will include 50- to 60-foot-tall antennas at the following locations and signaling equipment used to communicate with the PTC equipment on the trains:

  • Lakeview and 100th St SW – 60 ft.
  • S. Tacoma Way and S. 66th Street – 60 ft.
  • S. Tacoma Way and S. Steele Street – 60 ft.
  • Pacific Hwy SW and 115th Ct. SW – 50 ft.
  • Portland Ave and East 25th Street – 60 ft.

In addition, equipment is being installed on Sounder trains to communicate with other railroad PTC systems. Installation of the equipment and antennas is expected to be completed by the federally mandated deadline of Dec. 31, 2015.

For more information contact Erin Hunter, Sound Transit Community Outreach at 206-370-5511 or