Project updates: Tacoma Trestle

Feb 12, 2018

Work on D, 26th, G, 25th, and K streets

There is a lot of activity as the project looks to the finish line. Several crews are working throughout the area on different components of the project, such as painting, sewer work, restoration, and landscaping.

What to expect:

East D Street

  • Daytime, partial closures of East D Street between East 25th and 26th streets on Wednesday, Feb. 14 and Thursday, Feb. 15
  • Northbound traffic through East D Street will be maintained as usual
  • Southbound traffic will detour around East D Street via East C or 26th streets

East 26th and G streets

  • Flaggers present 24/7 at East 26th Street while scaffolding remains
  • Nightly closures of East G Street while scaffolding remains
  • Full closure on East 26th Street for approximately two nights between Monday, Feb. 12 and Friday, Feb. 17, for crews to remove the scaffolding
  • Intermittent, partial closures on East 26th and G streets for a few weeks after scaffolding is removed

East 25th and K streets

  • Daytime, partial closures of East K Street, indefinitely to complete sewer work
  • Daytime closures of the intersection of East 25th Street and East K Street from approximately Wednesday, Feb. 14 – Wednesday, Feb. 21; only vehicles accessing businesses on East K Street will have access through the intersection
  • East K and 25th streets open each night

All streets

  • Pedestrian detour signage posted at all closures
  • Access maintained to all businesses

Map of street closures and restrictions in Tacoma.

Dec 8, 2017

East D St. closure, nighttime work on East 26th and G streets

Map of street closures.

East D Street will close to through traffic during the day on Monday, Dec. 11, for restoration work. It is expected to reopen before Tuesday, Dec. 12. Pedestrian access from East D Street to the Tacoma Dome Station platforms will be maintained at all times and access to Freighthouse Square will also be maintained. Please be cautious with the extra work in the area and follow the instructions of flaggers.

Crews will remove the scaffolding under the trestle during the evenings next week. To accommodate this work, East 26th and G streets will be closed at night starting Saturday, Dec. 9, and lasting approximately one week. The closure of East 26th Street will be from the intersection with East 25th Street up the hill to the edge of the work zone. Local access will be maintained to businesses.

Restoration work is continuing along East K Street, which includes intermittent, partial street closures on East K Street to accommodate the work. Signage and flaggers will help direct traffic and maintain access to all businesses.

What to expect:

  • Full closure of East D Street during the day Dec. 11
  • Pedestrian access from D Street to the Tacoma Dome Station platforms will be maintained at all times
  • Nighttime closures of East 26th Street and East G Street starting Dec. 9
  • Continued intermittent closures of East K Street
  • Pedestrian detour signage will be posted at all closures
  • Access will be maintained to all businesses
Aug 8, 2017

Upcoming nighttime construction impacts at East D and K Streets

As early as Monday, August 14, construction crews will work on East D St followed by East K St for a total of approximately three weeks. Work will occur at night with one-block full closures of the roadway.

What to expect:

  • During the week of August 14, work will begin on East D St between E 26th and 25th streets. This section of East D St will be fully closed on weeknights from 5 PM to 5 AM to accommodate this work.
  • Once this work is completed, crews will transition to East K St. East K St will be closed between East 25th St and Puyallup Ave on weeknights from 5 PM to 5 AM to accommodate this work.
  • Combined, these two sections of work are anticipated to take approximately three weeks to complete.

Map of Tacoma Trestle construction area August 2017

Jun 23, 2017

Upcoming construction impacts at East J, K, and 25th streets

As early as Monday, June 26, sewer replacement crews will work on East J Street, East 25th Street, and East K Street through the end of August 2017.

Upcoming work activities include:

  • During the week of June 26, work will begin on East J Street between East 26th and 25th streets
  • Crews will work eastward on East 25th Street toward East K Street
  • Crews will work northward on East K Street toward Puyallup Avenue
  • Sewer replacement work on East J Street and East 25th Street will be open cut, and the replacement pipe will be bored under East K Street
  • Although replacement pits will be off the roadway, intermittent lane closures in the vicinity of this work may be required to accommodate trucks and equipment

Map of work on East J, K and 25th streets.

Apr 20, 2017

Upcoming construction impacts in Dome District

Starting as early as Friday, April 21, construction crews will work at the intersection of East 'C' and East 'D' Street over the next several weeks.

Map of construction work area.

Upcoming work activities include:

  • April 21 - May 30: Drainage crews will work overnight from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. for several weeks near East 26th Street and Freighthouse Square.
    • Impacts: Overnight work; no road closure needed.
  • April 22: Crews will replace rail between East 'G' and 'D' Streets.
    • Impacts: One lane may be closed on East 'D' Street. Flaggers will be present.
  • April 28 - May 1: East 'D' Street will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians at the train tracks from the afternoon of April 28 to the morning of May 1.
    • Impacts: Weekend closure of East 'D' Street at the train tracks. East 26th St will be open to pedestrians during this work.

Ongoing work activities include:

  • Construction of the south platform continues along the embankment on the far side of the second tracks.
  • For safety reasons, the intersection of East 26th/East 'G' Street remains closed to pedestrians and vehicles, except for April 28 - May 1.
  • Pile driving for the construction of the south bridge continues.
Mar 17, 2017

Upcoming construction impacts at East 'C' and 'D' Streets

Starting as early as Monday, March 20, construction crews will be working at the intersection of East 'C' and East 'D' Street over the next few weeks.

D Street closure map

Upcoming work activities include:

  • March 20-21: Trenching and installing conduits along train tracks through the intersection of East 'D' street. 
    • Impacts: One lane closure during the week of Mar. 20
  • March 24-26: Construct the C to D crossover, raise and stabilize train tracks.
    • Impacts: No road closure needed
  • March 31 - April 2: Demo existing crossing panels, install conduits and J-Box under tracks, raise tracks at East 'D' Street, reinstall crossings panels, and replace flange way.
    • Impacts: East 'D' Street closure required. East 26th Street will be re-opened during this time.
Mar 8, 2017

Continued construction work at East 26th and East ‘G’ Street

Construction work for the Tacoma Trestle has been going on since spring 2016; as of the beginning of March, we have begun to work on the construction of the north concrete bridge.

Over the next three months, construction crews will have a lot of work going on in this area. During this time, for safety reasons, the contractor will be unable to reopen the East 26th and East 'G' Street intersection to vehicular and pedestrian access.

Construction work activity:

Pile driving has begun and should continue until all piles are in the ground for the north bridge. The progression of work will be west to east; crews will perform the work in a similar fashion to the construction of the south bridge. 

After completion of pile driving, the next step will be to construct footings and columns for the piles before pouring the cement and installing the falsework for the top bent caps (see picture).

Concrete pole diagram

After the cement column work progresses past the East 26th and East 'G' Street intersection, the contractor will be able to erect the second steel girder bridge that will span across the intersection. This work is anticipated to take place between mid-April and early May.

Following the installation of the steel bridge, construction crews will rebuild East 26th and East 'G' Street, installing necessary curbs, and finally repaving this heavily impacted area.

What to expect:

Access to businesses along East 26th St. will be maintained via East 'J' street.

The maintainance of alleyways and residential driveway access at all times.

Pedestrians will no longer have access through this area.

Traffic detour signs posted along the detour routes.

Feb 21, 2017

Pile driving work starts again

Once the bridge slide work is complete (Feb. 17-22), pile driving is anticipated to start near the intersection of East 'G'/East 26th Street as early as Feb. 24.

Pile driving uses a large crane to force the piles (poles) into the soil to provide foundational support for bridges or other large structures. Pile driving is loud and Sound Transit will monitor noise levels to gauge the safety of the work.

Tacoma Trestle pile driving photo.

Pile driving crane

What to expect:

  • Pile driving operations can occur Mon. through Sat. between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Equipment and materials will include a crane, trucks and piles
  • People will hear a metal-against-metal hammering noise as piles are driven into the ground

Pile driving will start at the intersection of East 'G'/East 26th street, and it will move east.

Feb 16, 2017

ATTENTION: No trespassing along the railroad right of way.

The East D Street entrance to the Tacoma Dome Station (Freighthouse Square) platform will be closed for 90 days (from Jan. 25th until Mar. 25th) due to construction on the platform by the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Amtrak Station project. For safety reasons, the construction zone is fenced off to prevent pedestrians from walking through the area. All passengers accessing the platform must do so through the breezeway at East 25th Street to get to/from East D Street.

D Street Construction zone looking west
View of construction zone looking west

D Street construction zone looking east
View of construction zone looking east

Pedestrians are not allowed to go around the construction zone by walking on the tracks. Doing so is unsafe. It’s also considered trespassing and a violation of Washington state law. Signage and Sound Transit personnel will be available on the platform to assist customers during this temporary closure.

Map of pedestrian detour route:

Map of pedestrian detour route on E 25th St

Feb 3, 2017

Phase 3 – Demolition of the existing steel girder bridge and the start of Sounder service on new south bridge structure

New double-track concrete bridge replacing 100-year-old trestle

From Feb. 17-22, Sound Transit's contractor will move the steel structure span, currently suspended across East 'G' Street, into place and weld it all together. After this work has taken place, train service will move from the old trestle onto the new bridge.

View of the new bridge, on the left, and the old trestle, on the right.

View of the new bridge, on the left, and the old trestle, on the right.

View a video illustrating the upcoming change.

What to expect:

  • Construction activities: Various construction activities will be going on 24 hours a day during this track outage. Activities include, but are not limited to:
    • Removal of the existing track and signals.
    • Demolition of the existing concrete slab and the existing steel girder bridge.
    • Sliding the new steel bridge into place and welding all pieces together.
    • Installing new rails, wooden ties, ballast, and signals.
    • Running a test train across the south bridge to prepare for train service.
  • Equipment: Construction crews will have trucks and support equipment stationed in the area to help facilitate the work.
  • Access: Businesses along East 26th Street will be maintained via East 'J' Street; detour signs will direct traffic along the detour routes.
  • Work hours: 24 hours a day from Feb. 17 until Feb. 22.

Sound Transit will share details with riders in advance of the change through a variety of channels, including signage, social media and rider alerts. Sound Transit representatives will be on-site during the service change to help direct people to their connections. Riders can find information about the temporary change and sign up for alerts at