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Construction alert: Tacoma Trestle Track and Signal Project 3/8/2017

Mar 8, 2017

Continued construction work at East 26th and East ‘G’ Street

Construction work for the Tacoma Trestle has been going on since spring 2016; as of the beginning of March, we have begun to work on the construction of the north concrete bridge.

Over the next three months, construction crews will have a lot of work going on in this area. During this time, for safety reasons, the contractor will be unable to reopen the East 26th and East 'G' Street intersection to vehicular and pedestrian access.

Construction work activity:

Pile driving has begun and should continue until all piles are in the ground for the north bridge. The progression of work will be west to east; crews will perform the work in a similar fashion to the construction of the south bridge. 

After completion of pile driving, the next step will be to construct footings and columns for the piles before pouring the cement and installing the falsework for the top bent caps (see picture).

Concrete pole diagram

After the cement column work progresses past the East 26th and East 'G' Street intersection, the contractor will be able to erect the second steel girder bridge that will span across the intersection. This work is anticipated to take place between mid-April and early May.

Following the installation of the steel bridge, construction crews will rebuild East 26th and East 'G' Street, installing necessary curbs, and finally repaving this heavily impacted area.

What to expect:

Access to businesses along East 26th St. will be maintained via East 'J' street.

The maintainance of alleyways and residential driveway access at all times.

Pedestrians will no longer have access through this area.

Traffic detour signs posted along the detour routes.