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Project update: Tacoma Trestle Track and Signal Project, January 2017

Jan 13, 2017

What is coming up next?

Phase 2: Currently underway

Overlooking the intersection of East 'G' Street and East 26th Street.

The view overlooking the intersection of East 'G' Street and East 26th Street.

The second phase of the Tacoma Trestle project is underway. It consists of the construction of the steel girder that will support the train tracks across the intersection of East 'G' Street and East 26th Street. Once this work is complete, the steel girders will slide into place for permanent attachment to the new trestle. Next, the Sounders service and freight trains currently operating on the old trestle will transfer over onto the new bridge, and phase three will begin.

Phase 3: 1st Quarter – 2017

The next step in the Tacoma Trestle project will be the demolition of the old trestle. This phase should occur during early 2017. Also included is construction of a new south platform and extension of the existing north platform.

Phase 4: 2nd Quarter through the 4th Quarter - 2017

The final phase of construction will begin with a second round of pile driving. The pile driving for Phase 4 will be for the construction of the north half of the new trestle. Construction of this half of the trestle should last for six to eight months, with completion by the end of 2017.

Construction activity at East 'G' Street between East 25th Street and East 26th Street

Part of the steel girder that will support the railroad tracks above East 'G' Street and East 26th Street is in the process of being fabricated five feet off of the currently alignment. At the end of December, Sound Transit’s contractor installed a safety fence order to ensure pedestrian and vehicular safety.

Map of temporary construction fence.

Map of the temporary construction fence.

What to expect:

  • Access to businesses along East 26th Street will be maintained via East 'J' Street.
  • Assess to alleyways and residential driveways will remain at all times.
  • Pedestrians will no longer have access through the construction area
  • Signs to reroute traffic will appear along the detour routes.

Continued street closure

Map of detour for East 'G' and East 26th street closure.

Map of the detour for East 'G'/East 26th St. closure.

The most impactful street closure for the Tacoma Trestle project is the closure of E 'G' Street to through traffic underneath the existing steel girder bridge. 

For public safety, crews will close the intersection during this time. Remaining work at the intersection includes the bridge slide, the demolition of the trestle in this section of the project, and the final phase of pile driving that will begin for the north half of the Tacoma trestle bridge. Our contractor will start at the west side of the trestle and work east. 

With the accumulation of all these construction impacts, it is our goal to mitigate the duration of this closure by closing the intersection of East 'G' and East 26th Street until the above mentioned work has taken place. The contractor estimates the intersection will reopen to through traffic around spring 2017.

South Platform construction

View of train platforms.

View of the new south platform currently under construction.

As part of the Tacoma Trestle work, Sound Transit is also construction a new south platform. The purpose of the platform is to allow for a maximum of passenger trains to serve the Tacoma Dome station at one time.

Over the past month, construction crews have been drilling the support beams into the ground. This will help stabilize the south platform.

What to expect:

  • Construction vehicles will be moving up and down the south platform, reshaping and cleaning up the slope
  • Crews installing underground utilities
  • The construction of the new wall and the platform, which includes installing the canopy and lighting
  • Work hours are 7 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday to Saturdays