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10 reasons riding transit is better than driving

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You don’t have to read the headlines to know that driving in our region is no small feat. The reliable commute time from Everett to Seattle in the morning is 80 minutes. That’s longer than it takes to fly to Portland. And does anyone actually take a Sunday drive for leisure anymore? Here’s some unsung reasons why taking transit is better than driving:

#1: Lots o' green perks!

One full bus is equal to 60+ people driving alone and transit helps take 175,000 cars off the road each weekday. It increases your green bills too; you’ll save money on gas, parking and car maintenance.

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#2: You can multitask (legally) 

Juggling your coffee, cell phone and texting while reading the news is neither possible nor legal when driving. But on the bus or train, it is.

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#3: Two words: cat naps

Sit back, relax and take a snooze on your commute. Aw yiss!

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#4: It reduces your chances of having to parallel park

Bumpers rejoice! No need to execute a six-point park job when you take transit.

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#5: You finally achieve a feeling of peace during rush hour traffic (aka schadenfreude)

And you can wave to your friends stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic while you pass by on the bus or train. (Hee hee!)

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#6: You can meet new friends or even your soul mate

"It was love at first bus ride." We understand.

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#7: You can increase your IQ

Spend your commute reading, listening to a podcast or solving the Rubik's Cube. Your IQ will thank you.

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#8: Less honking, more happiness

Studies show that taking transit is better for your health than driving. Transit gives you time to relax and unwind. Plus, if you add walking or biking to your commute, you can spend less time at the gym. 

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#9: Online shopping!

Here’s a challenge: get all of your Christmas shopping done during your commute. Then you won’t have to battle the mall parking lot in December.

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#10: More time to follow your dreams

Write a book, plan a vacation or learn to knit. Use your commute time to knock out your bucket list.

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