3. DBE/small business technical assistance

Sound Transit's Business & Labor Compliance Office believes in leveling the playing field for all qualified consultants and contractors. It is our mission to help develop emerging and established Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) and small businesses (SBs) so they can successfully compete on Sound Transit contracts. The agency's 25-year capital expansion program means the time to build DBE/SB capacity is now.

Through a needs assessment survey and interviews with primes, small businesses, internal staff and business organizations, we have identified training topics and other training considerations. The Business & Labor Compliance Office has also identified partnering opportunities for select trainings and agency-specific trainings hosted by Sound Transit.

Our 'Master Training Attendee List' is a compilation of DBE/SBs who have participated in our technical assistance program. This spreadsheet contains: DBE/SB firm name, point of contact, expertise, and DBE/SB status as of Oct. 13, 2017.

Sound Transit's technical assistance program focuses on providing trainings that are meaningful and applicable to our contracts. Our trainings also offer valuable networking to help DBE/SBs build their network of associates. Past trainings have included: