Strategic priorities

Our strategic priorities are built upon a commitment to equity and fairness, environmental stewardship, partnerships and the communities we serve.

The agency's strategic priorities for 2020-2024 are:

Strategic Priority #1
Design and deliver a passenger-focused, high-quality and safe service.

  • Objective statement: Attract and retain passengers by providing service that is reliable and easy to use, while designing and constructing passenger-focused transit systems.

Strategic Priority #2
Deploy a performance-based, community-centric and safe capital program.

  • Objective statement: Leverage the expertise and creativity of our staff, designers and contractors and the communities we serve to build a world-class transit system that ensures mobility, equity and safety.

Strategic Priority #3
Cultivate an equitable, diverse and inclusive workforce and culture that is high-performing, compassionate, empowering and safe.

  • Objective Statement: Ensure our talent is diverse, ready and has equitable opportunity to grow and succeed in a culture that enables all employees to bring their authentic selves to do their best work to accomplish the mission, strategic priorities and goals of the agency.

Strategic Priority #4
Transform and unify core business practices and processes agency-wide.

  • Objective statement: Enable staff to consistently do their work efficiently and effectively by establishing and implementing a common set of processes, procedures, best practices and tools.

Strategic Priority #5
Ensure financial stewardship exists in all decision-making to guarantee long-term affordability of the voter-approved plan.

  • Objective statement: Share responsibility for overall program affordability and long-term financial sustainability, by making wise investments and effectively prioritizing spending.