Heads up, riders! Sounder, ST Express fare changes March 1

Fare change image

If you use an ORCA card to pay for your transit trips, you may need to pay more for your monthly pass or add more money to your E-purse. Many riders buy monthly passes in advance, so we want to give you plenty of notice.

Fares for ST Express buses will increase by 25 cents for all fare categories.

ST Express fares
starting March 1

Travel within one county

Travel crosses county line 

Adult $2.75 $3.75
Low-income adult (new)* $1.50 $2.75
Youth $1.50 $2.75
Senior/Disabled $1.00 $1.75

On Sounder trains, adult and youth fares will increase by 50 cents. Fares for seniors and people with disabilities will increase by 25 cents. Sounder fares are distance-based.

Sounder fares
starting March 1

Fares are distance-based 
Adult $3.25-$5.75
Low-income adult (new)* $2.50-$4.25
Youth $2.50-$4.25
Senior/Disabled $1.50-$2.75

*Also starting March 1, Sound Transit is introducing a new reduced fare option for low-income adults who qualify. (Generally, that means you have a household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level.) To learn if you qualify and how to apply for the ORCA LIFT card required to pay the reduced fare, visit http://www.soundtransit.org/orca-lift.