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IMPORTANT NOTE If you submit your request electronically and you DO NOT receive an email within 5 minutes confirming receipt, then it most likely did not go through. Please try again or send by fax instead.


Charges for documents requested will be $.15 (fifteen cents) per page. Copies in excess of 50 pages or which are beyond Sound Transit's technical capabilities may be sent to an outside vendor and the requester shall pay the actual cost of reproduction. Postage fees shall be charged for mailing of documents and costs may be charged for the containers used in mailing. The costs of providing electronic records vary depending on volume.


I understand that Washington Public Records Act, RCW 42.56.070, "shall not be construed as giving authority to any agency to give, sell or provide access to lists of individuals requested for commercial purposes, and agencies shall not do so unless specifically authorized or directed by law."

I certify that access to any lists of individuals obtained through this request for public records will not be used to compile a mailing list for commercial purposes.


If you have questions about obtaining public records or the process, please contact Public Records Officer Q'Deene Nagasawa at 206-689-4924 or email