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Lifecycle of a project - Final Design

Final design: takes 2 - 3 years

In this phase, architects and engineers define what the stations will look like as well as the technical specifications for the stations and tracks.

During this phase:

  • Field work includes testing soil conditions and ground water levels, surveying, and locating utilities.
  • Large projects are divided into several smaller contracts to encourage competition.
  • Projects are typically broken into design milestones: 30 percent, 60 percent and 90 percent. At each milestone, the agency asks for public input on the station design.
  • Artists for permanent station art are selected through a public process. The need for temporary art at construction sites is identified.
  • The agency acquires any necessary private property and easements.
  • Permits, including land use approvals, noise variances, storm water discharge and wetland impacts are acquired.