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Art - Bellevue Downtown Station

  • PROJECT: Platform Windscreens (North Side)
    • ARTIST: Paul Marioni (Seattle)
    • DESCRIPTION: Marioni has devised a jewel-like wall that appears to be made of woven glass, replacing the standard windscreen for the entire north façade of the station platform. Sandwiching a basket-weave pattern of locally-made art glass between clear safety glass, Marioni will create a magical environment of natural light activated by the prism-like qualities of glass.
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  • PROJECT: East Entrance Terrazzo Floor
  • PROJECT: Tunnel North Portal Wall
    • ARTIST: Ball-Nogues Studio (Los Angeles)
    • DESCRIPTION: Inspired by the glacially-formed terrain of the Pacific Northwest, Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues are developing a sculptural screen made of glass and steel for the station’s tunnel portal wall and smokescreen. The artists are exploring industrial glass-forming technologies to suggest a slowly moving glacier migrating down the face of the portal.