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Spotlight: Manitou Trestle mural

At the South 66th Street Underpass
Sounder commuter rail - Lakewood Extension

With the mural Manitou Trestle, South Tacoma's history, industry and personal experiences are layered with botanical representations of native flora, topography and quotes from the community. These layers create a dynamic and collective representation of the community's memories and tell a visual story of the South Tacoma neighborhood's past, present and future.

Join us for the Manitou Trestle mural dedication: 
Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015 at 1 p.m.
At the At the STAR Center, 3873 South 66th Street, Tacoma, WA 98409

About the artists
Artists for the South 66th Street project went through PA:ID (Public Art In Depth), created by the City of Tacoma for studio artists to learn how to translate their work and gain skills in public art.

Claudia Riedener creates handmade architectural ceramic installations for public art, private and commercial commissions. Her creative process includes carving, sculpting, molding, extruding and hand - building from slabs. Clays and glazes made in Tacoma are used exclusively.

Kenji Stoll and Chris Jordan are mural artists who have been collaborating and creating art together since their early teens. They have created murals for public and private sites in and around Tacoma and the region.  

South Tacoma Neighborhood Council, Sam's Automotive and the City of Tacoma