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Sounder South Weekdays

Effective Mar 11, 2017—Sep 22, 2017

Train No Lakewood South Tacoma Tacoma Puyallup Station Sumner Station Auburn Station Kent Station Tukwila Station Seattle
1500 4:41am 4:46am 4:55am 5:06am 5:11am 5:20am 5:27am 5:34am 5:54am
1502 5:16am 5:21am 5:30am 5:41am 5:46am 5:55am 6:02am 6:09am 6:29am
1504 5:46am 5:51am 6:00am 6:12am 6:17am 6:26am 6:33am 6:40am 6:59am
1506 6:06am 6:11am 6:20am 6:32am 6:37am 6:46am 6:53am 7:00am 7:19am
1508 6:26am 6:31am 6:40am 6:52am 6:57am 7:06am 7:13am 7:20am 7:39am
1510 6:46am 6:51am 7:00am 7:12am 7:17am 7:26am 7:33am 7:40am 7:59am
1514 : : 7:35am 7:46am 7:51am 8:00am 8:07am 8:14am 8:34am
1516 : : 8:10am 8:21am 8:26am 8:35am 8:42am 8:49am 9:09am
1518 10:18am 10:23am 10:32am 10:43am 10:48am 10:57am 11:04am 11:11am 11:31am
1522 : : 4:30pm 4:41pm 4:46pm 4:55pm 5:02pm 5:09pm 5:28pm
1524 : : 5:00pm 5:11pm 5:16pm 5:25pm 5:32pm 5:39pm 5:58pm

Learn more about the area around the stadiums and how to access it from Sound Transit's stations.