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It's important that we all work together to stay safe and sound.

Safety around tracks and trains is very important to Sound Transit. And, we're always available to provide safety presentations to your school, community center or youth program. 

Help us keep our communities safe:

  • Invite staff to a safety meeting
  • Arrange a presentation for your school or community center
  • Download materials and distribute

Train safety

Stay safe around Link and Sounder trains

Look, listen and live

  • Be alert - it's difficult to judge train distance and speed.
  • Look both ways - trains may come from either direction.
  • Listen for train horns and bells.
  • Don't use cell phones. Do remove ear buds.

Tracks are for trains

  • Don't walk, bike, skateboard, jog or play around tracks.
  • Don't take shortcuts across the tracks.
  • Don't lean over railings. Trains can overhang tracks by three feet.
  • Don't walk near a parked train. It may move without warning.


  • Don't wait on tracks if stuck in traffic.
  • Truck drivers - don't commit if you can't fit safely across the tracks.
  • Obey all signs and signals.

Always use crosswalks and obey all traffic signs, signals and crossing gates

  • Trains always have the right of way.
  • Never walk around or under rail crossing gates.

On the platform

  • Hold small children by the hand while on the platform.
  • Stay behind warning strips at the edge of station platforms.

Bus safety

Stay safe around ST Express buses

  • Never try to board or exit a moving bus.
  • Buses won't stop once they leave a bus stop.
  • Let other passengers leave the bus before you board.
  • Keep aisles clear of packages and personal items.
  • As you leave the bus, watch for other motor vehicles.
  • Wait for the bus to pull away before crossing street.
  • Wait only at designated bus stops.
  • Do not try to hail a bus from a place that is not a designated stop.
  • Do not run after a moving bus.

Safety - Driver's Guide

Stay safe & sound when driving around trains

Stay alert around tracks and trains

  • Obey all traffic signals
  • Never stop on tracks
  • Trains can come on any track in either direction at any time
  • Never drive around a downed crossing gate -- your life is worth the wait

Link light rail

  • Light rail trains share the road with cars, buses, motorcycles and pedestrians
  • Left or U-turns are allowed only on green arrow at designated intersections
  • When waiting for a green signal, always stop behind the crosswalk
  • Look for approaching trains before turning
  • Be sure you can completely clear the intersection before you make a turn

Sounder trains

  • Cross tracks only at designated crossings
  • Passenger and freight trains pass by stations at high speeds
  • Look all ways for approaching trains before crossing tracks
  • Be sure you can completely cross the tracks before you proceed

Stop on Red

Always stop behind the crosswalk; look all ways for approaching trains before turning.

When turning by tracks

U-turns and left turns only at designated intersections.



Obey all traffic signs and signals

You may save your life!

Recognizing these symbols will help you avoid an accident or injury.


Train approaching

Train is approaching when displayed

Left turn or U-turns are prohibited

Turning left or making a U-turn is prohibited

Do not drive on tracks

Driving on tracks is prohibited

Do not stop on tracks

When crossing tracks at an intersection, never stop on tracks

Gated crossing

STOP when the lights begin flashing. A train is approaching. Remain stopped until the gates go up and the lights stop flashing. Proceed when it is safe. NEVER drive around crossing gate arms.

If your car stalls on the tracks

If your car stalls on the tracks and a train approaches, get everyone out of the car immediately. Move away from the tracks at a 45-degree angle in the direction of the oncoming train. If your vehicle is hit, debris will spread out from the tracks in the same direction the train is moving. When you are safely away from the tracks, call 9-1-1.


If you have safety questions or concerns about driving, walking, or cycling near Sound Transit facilities, please contact Sarah Miller at (206) 903-7249 or via e-mail. We’re happy to provide information or give a group safety presentation.