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Light Rail Alert

Link light rail - Announcement - Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon - Additional AM Trips

Link light rail will start service early on Sunday, June 18, from Angle Lake Station for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon & Half Marathon. The race begins 6:30 AM at Husky Stadium and ends at CenturyLink Field.

Angle Lake Station AM Additional Trips:

  • 4:47 AM
  • 5:07 AM
  • 5:12 AM
  • 5:24 AM
  • 5:36 AM
  • 5:48 AM
  • Start of regular Service

Avoid lines at the ticket vending machine on race day by paying for Link fare using an ORCA card or the Transit GO Ticket mobile app – download it from the app store and buy your ticket in advance of the race. A Transit Go Ticket must be activated prior to boarding.

Link paper tickets can be purchased using cash, Visa or MasterCard from the ticket vending machines (TVM) located at the Link Stations on the day of the race. Advance tickets are not available at a TVM. If you will be riding Link after the race, we recommend purchasing a Day Pass ticket. Day Passes are twice the one-way fare.