ST Express Bus Alert

574 - Announcement - Stop Closures - Star Lake and Kent Des Moines Fwy Stations - Long Term

Northbound ST Express Route 574 will be rerouted nightly 8:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. due to a WSDOT I-5 construction project. This project is weather dependent and subject to periodic cancellation with little to no notice.

Missed stops NB – to SeaTac:

  • Star Lake Freeway Station
  • Kent Des Moines Freeway Station

Use stops:

  • S 272nd St & I-5 (this stop is on S 272nd St at the end of the I-5 off ramp, stop #47973)
  • Kent Des Moines P&R (this stop is SE across the P&R on Military Rd, stop #21945)


*Southbound trips to Lakewood are not affected. Use all regular stops.