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Speakers bureau

Sound Transit is often a topic of local news reports, and just about everyone knows about new Link light rail service and construction. There’s a lot more to Sound Transit! Our Speakers Bureau is specifically designed to speak with your group or organization about Sound Transit topics, including:

  • The role of transit in the Central Puget Sound region, and the role it will play in addressing the projected population and business growth
  • How Sound Transit differs from other local transit agencies, and how it complements the services they provide
  • Sound Transit's history, current projects and future plans

We work with you to develop a tailored presentation that ensures that what you most want to hear about is directly addressed.

Our speakers include Sound Transit Board members, executive and management staff, and project staff. They're eager to brief your group on any Sound Transit topic of interest.

For more information about the Sound Transit Speakers’ Bureau, contact:

Gloria Hatch