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ST Express Bus Alert

574, 580, 592 & 594 - Announcement - SR-512 P&R closing June 11 for maintenance

Starting June 11 and lasting about 4 months Pierce Transit will be closing the SR-512 P&R for maintenance. During the closure, those who usually park at the SR-512 Park & Ride will need to park in a different location and catch their bus at another spot.

ST Express 574 temp stops NB to SeaTac:

  • 108th Street SW & Pacific Hwy SW (7-11)
  • Pacific Hwy SW & 108th Street SW (Momo Restaurant)

SB temp stops to Lakewood TC

  • 108th Street SW & Pacific Hwy SW (Integrity Insurance)


ST Express 580, 592 and 594 temp stops NB to Puyallup/Seattle:

  • Pacific Hwy SW & Montgrove Drive SW (Discount World/Bigfoot Java)
  • Pacific Hwy SW & 108th Street SW (Momo Restaurant)

SB temp stops to Lakewood TC

  • Pacific Hwy SW & 108th Street SW (7-11)

Learn more here. 


Alternate Options during the closure:

- Approximately 140 temporary stalls designated as transit parking spots will be available during the construction at the south end of the Discount World parking lot (11013 Pacific Highway South). Riders can use the temporary bus stops.

- An additional 220 parking spots will be provided at the Lakewood Towne Center behind Barnes and Noble, (5711 Main St. SW). Riders may catch ST Express Route 574 at its normal stop at Lakewood Towne Center. Riders of ST Express routes 580, 592 and 594 can take a free connector bus on weekdays during morning and evening peak commute times to the Lakewood Sounder Station to catch their routes.

  • The free connector bus weekday morning departure times out of the Lakewood Towne Center: 4:10 a.m.; 4:30; 4:51; 5:11; 5:26; 5:41; 5:57; 6:12; 6:27; 6:42; 6:57; 7:12; 7:27; 7:41; 7:56 a.m.
  • The free connector bus weekday evening departure times out of the Lakewood Sounder Station: 4:15 p.m.; 4:30; 4:45; 5:01; 5:16; 5:32; 5:47; 6:01; 6:18; 6:32; 6:37; 6:50; 7:05; 7:20; 7:25; 7:40 p.m.

NOTE: If the Sound Transit Route 592 is delayed arriving from Seattle, the connector bus will wait for the 592 to arrive before leaving for the Lakewood Towne Center parking area.

- Riders may also take ST Express 574 from the Lakewood Towne Center to SeaTac airport and transfer to Link light rail to Seattle.

- Riders can also park at other transit locations in the area such as the South Tacoma Station (5650 S Washington St) and take the Sounder train to Seattle.

Fare: Riders with a monthly pass on an ORCA card covering the $3.75 ST Express bus fare can transfer to another bus or Link light rail at no additional charge. Riders wanting to take the Sounder train will need to supplement their current pass by adding E-purse to cover the additional $1.75-2.00 per trip on the Sounder train out of S. Tacoma or Lakewood. E-purse value can be added at any ticket vending machine located at train stations.

Cash paying riders will need to purchase a paper ticket at the ticket vending machines at the train station to ride Sounder or Link light rail. Transfers between services are only available via an ORCA card.