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Transit oriented development

Rainier Valley development near Link station

Updated Equitable Transit Oriented Development Policy

On April 26, 2018 the Sound Transit Board completed an 18-month process to adopt an updated policy for equitable transit-oriented development (TOD). The goals identified in the policy include: 

  • Increase the value and effectiveness of transit by increasing transit ridership;
  • Support implementation of state, regional and local growth plans, policies and strategies;
  • Make equitable TOD an integral component of and supportive of transit project planning and delivery;
  • Engage a broad cross-section of the public, reflecting diverse communities;
  • Encourage creation of housing options near transit with priority given to affordability;
  • Encourage convenient, safe multi-modal access to the transit system, with an emphasis on non-motorized access. 

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Unique to each community, a catalyst for growth

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is planning and building a mix of housing, business and other amenities close to transit stations. When clustered around a station, this development increases ridership by making it easier for people to use transit, supports local businesses and make neighborhoods better places to live, work and spend time.

The primary responsibility of Sound Transit is to complete and expand regional transit systems to deliver fast, frequent services and improved mobility. This mission is a key step in meeting regional and local TOD goals. 

Specifically, Sound Transit participates in TOD by:

  • Assessing opportunities for development of Sound Transit facilities and on property no longer needed for a transit project.
  • Working cooperatively with communities to facilitate TOD in areas around Sound Transit facilities, where appropriate.

Quarterly TOD report

Per the ST3 System Plan Expansion Plan and Washington State RCW 81.112.350, Sound Transit will provide quarterly reports of any property transfers over the previous fiscal quarter and any progress made in implementing a regional equitable transit-oriented development strategy for diverse, vibrant, mixed-use and mixed-income communities approved by the voters.

PDF iconSound Transit TOD Quarterly Report - Oct 2018