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Judkins Park Station

Located in the center of I-90, riders will be able to enter the station from Rainier Avenue South and 23rd Avenue South. This station meets the City of Seattle's goals of promoting urban villages and linking employment centers. 


Mode: Link

Opens for service: Targeted 2023 

Project Phase: Construction

Ride time: Judkins Park to Roosevelt in about 19 minutes

Key features

  • Center-platform station located in the center roadway of I-90
  • Station entrances at 23rd Avenue South and Rainier Avenue South
  • Bicycle and pedestrian connections to the I-90 trail
  • Bus connections at both east and west station entrances

Station facilities

  • Secure bicycle storage
  • Passenger drop-off/pick-up area
  • Public art

See design materials in the document archive.

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Construction highlights for 2018 will include: 

  • The Rainier Freeway station and D2 bus roadway from I-90 into downtown Seattle will close in the fall for work on the Judkins Park station.
  • Construction starts on the Operations and Maintenance Facility: East (OMF East) in Bellevue. Elevated rail guideway is placed over I-405 in Bellevue.
  • Excavation of the downtown Bellevue tunnel is completed.
  • Post-tensioning of the I-90 floating bridge to prepare it for light rail and increase its lifespan is completed.
  • Road-over-rail undercrossing on 112th Avenue Southeast in Bellevue gets started.
  • Work proceeds on station construction across the entire East Link extension.

  • PROJECT: Platform Windscreens
    • ARTIST: Barbara Earl Thomas (Seattle)
    • DESCRIPTION: A simple story told in pictures will spread across the station’s platform windscreens. The artwork is loosely based on the theme of passing the torch, the artist’s understanding of how the Judkins Park neighborhood has changed over time. STart will work with Earl Thomas to develop a component of the artwork that is accessible to the disabled community.
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  • PROJECT: Station Entrances and Ancillary Building Walls
    • ARTIST: Hank Willis Thomas (New York, NY)
    • DESCRIPTION: Through a series of photo-montages, Willis Thomas is exploring themes of identity, history and popular culture in the Judkins Park neighborhood, and is interested in the station’s proximity to Jimi Hendrix Park. STart is working with Willis Thomas to develop a braille component of the artwork that is accessible to the disabled community.
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