Connect 2020

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Early 2020 light rail construction will require Link riders to practice patience, allow for extra time

For 10 weeks starting in January 2020, construction crews will close one Link track at a time in downtown Seattle to connect existing service with 14 miles of new service to East King County. During this period, known as Connect 2020, trains will run at a reduced frequency of every 13-15 minutes, and riders continuing through Downtown Seattle will need to switch trains at Pioneer Square Station.

Rather than shut down service completely during new track construction, Sound Transit is keeping the trains running, although riders will need to plan for crowding and increased travel times. When Connect 2020 is done the existing tunnel will be ready to serve riders traveling to and from 10 new East King County stations starting in 2023.

Plan ahead and allow more time.

  • Trains will run every 13-15 minutes all day system wide, compared to normal service of every six minutes in peak hours. All trains will operate with the maximum four cars.
  • Reduced service will mean crowded platforms and trains, and you may need to wait in line.
  • If you are traveling through downtown Seattle, track closures will mean you need to transfer to another train at Pioneer Square Station to continue your journey.
  • If you're bringing a bike onboard, you'll be required to exit the train before you get to Pioneer Square Station. With up to 1,600 riders needing to transfer across the same center platform at Pioneer Square, bikes will be prohibited at Pioneer Square Station to protect the safety of all riders.
  • Northbound riders with bikes must exit at International District/Chinatown Station and southbound riders with bikes at University Street Station. 
  • Riders system-wide are encouraged to explore options other than bringing bikes on trains during peak periods.

Your trip on Link will be different during this time.

  • Track closures mean the platforms you use in Downtown Seattle will change during the 10-week period. Station entrances may also change depending on what side of the track is closed.
  • There will be three weekend closures – of most stations through downtown Seattle. Sound Transit will provide free bus shuttles between SODO and Capitol Hill.
  • Look for new signs in the stations directing you where to go.
  • Sound Transit staff will be at impacted stations to help you during peak times.

Stay informed. Here's how: