Sound Transit's Fare Engagement Pilot Project

Sound Transit's new Fare Engagement Pilot Project launches summer 2021

Starting in late August, passengers will see new Fare Ambassadors at Link and Sounder stations and onboard trains. Look for the yellow hats!

Fare Ambassadors will:

  • Check fares.
  • Answer questions.
  • Help passengers learn to use the system.
  • Help passengers purchase ORCA cards and passes.
  • Assist passengers in finding the ORCA fare that is best for them.
  • Help income-eligible riders learn how to get an ORCA LIFT card.

Through this pilot, Sound Transit is working to reimagine how we handle fare compliance, with a goal of preventing the inequitable and compounding effects that often result from unpaid fines and contact with the court system. The information you provide in the survey below will help in making these changes.

Let us know how we're doing!

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In the months ahead, we'll use passenger and stakeholder feedback to continue refining the pilot, and we'll also continue evaluating and clarifying long-term approaches for addressing non-payment. Then, in mid 2022, Sound Transit staff will propose policy changes for consideration by the Sound Transit Board of Directors.

Policy updates we're considering include:

  • Lower fines.
  • A new citation resolution process without court adjudication.
  • Making permanent the personnel changes already underway during the pilot program.

A more effective and equitable fare engagement program starts with authentic community relationships. We're grateful to the individuals and groups who've challenged us to improve, and we'll continue to rely on your feedback in the months to come.

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