Temporarily Canceled

Routes 541, 544, 555, 556 & 567
Posted: Apr 3 - 2:02 p.m. (updated: May 22 - 7:18 p.m.)

Due to reduced staffing availability to operate service as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sound Transit is operating with service reductions on several ST Express routes. 

In order to preserve service on more heavily traveled routes, ST Express routes 541, 544, 555, 556 and 567 have been temporarily canceled.

Sound Transit remains committed to working closely with its partners to continue serving the public. Efforts will continue to prioritize serving riders who depend on Sound Transit’s services, including seniors, people with disabilities, Title VI protected populations (race, color, national origin), low-income and limited-English-proficiency populations. To the greatest extent possible, we will continue to run trains and buses at our earliest and latest normal weekday hours. At this time normal service will continue on Tacoma Link light rail.

ST Express routes 510, 511, 512, 513, 522, 532, 535, 542, 545, 550, 566, 580, 586, 590, 592, 595 and 596 are operating on reduced schedules. Please find more information on the specific trips canceled at
and via text and/or email service alerts.