Transit-oriented development
Boosting ridership and creating vibrant neighborhoods within walking distance to transit

Kent/Des Moines

Federal Way Link Extension transit-oriented development map

Sound Transit is partnering with the City of Kent to create a vision for future development near the Kent/Des Moines Link light rail station, focused on the opportunities created through easy access to transit. As part of the Federal Way Link Extension, the station is scheduled to open in 2024. The area around the station is part of the City of Kent’s plans for the Midway neighborhood. Together we’re working to identify opportunities to bring housing affordable to people with a range of incomes, as well as commercial and community-serving uses to the site.

Sound Transit purchased roughly four acres of land near the new station site, near the intersection of State Route 99 and Kent-Des Moines Road, to store equipment and mobile offices through construction of the light rail extension. When construction is complete, we will make much of that property available for transit-oriented development (TOD). Adding new transit-oriented uses such as housing, retail, and community-oriented activities can help create a vibrant neighborhood that’s seamlessly connected to regional transit.

Project updates

In 2020 and 2021, we worked to learn more about the community's vision for TOD near the new station. We provided several opportunities for folks in the area and along the light rail extension to share ideas and reactions to potential uses for the land. Our Community Engagement report is available here (see the Documents section for summaries in six languages).

Ongoing work

We are working to prepare a development strategy and goals for the project. We are using community feedback, financial and site feasibility analyses, and research into the potential market interest in these properties to identify key objectives for the project.

In addition to our expectation that developers reflect community feedback in their proposals, we also expect that partnerships will be a key element of a successful project. In order to facilitate networking between the development community and community-based organizations, we hosted a virtual forum and “social event” to introduce the project. You can watch a recording of the event below.

This summer, we anticipate that the Sound Transit Board of Directors will provide direction on the strategy and goals for the project. Following this action, we will select a development partner or partners using a competitive bidding process (request for proposals, or 'RFP').

Kent Des Moines Station TOD Virtual Forum – May 2022


Upcoming milestones*

  • Summer 2022 – receive policy direction from the Sound Transit Board on the development strategy
  • Fall 2022 – release Request for Proposals
  • Early 2023 – select and begin negotiations with top-ranked proposal(s)

* Note: Milestone dates are subject to change

Project facts

  • About four acres of land available for redevelopment once transit project construction is complete.
  • The project is expected to include a mix of uses and have housing units for households with a range of incomes, including long-term affordable housing.
  • Construction anticipated to start in 2024/2025.