I-405 BRT

Connecting all of I-405, from Lynnwood to Burien

Timeline and milestones

  • Voter approval (2016)

  • System Planning (2014 - 2016)

    • Commuters, community members and stakeholders help shape the project. Public meetings gather feedback and provide updates. Outreach to local cities and counties provide critical input.
    • Representative projects are developed indicating transit mode, approximate route, number of stations and general station locations. Representative projects and funding are approved by public vote in 2016.

    BRT representative project refinements (current phase): 2018 – early 2019

    • Sound Transit evaluates and refines voter-approved representative project for I-405 BRT and hosts public involvement opportunities to discuss BRT stations, parking facilities, transit centers, roadway improvements and BRT branding.
    • After reviewing technical analysis and public input, Sound Transit Board of Directors advances a proposed project into conceptual engineering and environmental review.

    Environmental review and conceptual engineering: 2019

    • Sound Transit begins developing conceptual engineering level designs for stations, transit centers, parking facilities and roadway improvements.
    • Environmental review is conducted.
    • Public involvement opportunities gain input on design concepts and environmental studies.
    • After reviewing the BRT design concepts, environmental studies and public input, Sound Transit Board of Directors selects project to be built.
  • Design (2020-2023)

  • Construction of some elements is likely to continue after service starts in 2024.

  • Open for service (2024)