2. Route 544

As part of our continued coordination with King County Metro and their adopted North Eastside Mobility Plan (NEMP) and to more effectively use taxpayer resources, Sound Transit is considering consolidating ST Express Routes 540 and 541 into new Route 544, serving Overlake, South Kirkland, SR 520 and South Lake Union.

Route 544: a peak only bi-directional route that serves Overlake P&R and South Lake Union in conjunction with King County Metro's Northeast Mobility Plan. With Metro Route 255 to serve UW Station, Route 540 is redundant. New Route 544 would use resources previously spent connecting to the University of Washington to extend service to South Lake Union. Passengers traveling between Overlake Village and UW would transfer at Evergreen Point. By eliminating two routes and starting a new route, this change requires Board Approval.

A map shows how Route 544 would start at Overlake, cross the SR-520 bridge and extend into South Lake Union. Other routes, such as Sound Transit's 541, 542 and 545, and Metro's 255, are also pictured.