2. New SLU connections across SR-520


Sound Transit continually monitors the performance of the ST Express system and identifies routes or trips that do not meet standards and are candidates for change. Currently, two SR-520 routes, Routes 540 and 541, are among the lowest performing of all ST Express routes.


As part of our continued coordination with King County Metro and their proposed North Eastside Mobility Plan (NEMP) and to more effectively use taxpayer resources, Sound Transit will be considering the following changes to ST Express SR-520 service:

  • Consolidate ST Express Routes 540 and 541 into new Route 544, serving Overlake, South Kirkland, SR 520 and South Lake Union.

Note: The King County Council has approved the changing of Route 255 to service University of Washington Station on July 10, 2019 as part of the North East Mobility Plan.

Map of proposed 544 route