Transit modes

Light rail

Electric train rapid transit that quickly covers long distances. Serves widely-spaced stations spanning the region. 

Central Link provides fast, frequent light rail service 20 hours a day, 7 days a week on a 16-mile line between downtown Seattle and SeaTac airport. Voter-approved lines east to Bellevue and Overlake, north to Lynnwood and south to Kent/Des Moines are underway and set to open by 2023. 

Tacoma Link serves six stations on a 1.6 mile line in downtown Tacoma. An extension is in the planning stage.

Commuter rail

Commuter trains offer 10 round trips between Lakewood and Seattle, four round trips between Everett and Seattle each weekday and popular event service to select weekend attractions such as Seahawks games.

Express bus

Fast, long range, limited-stop routes serving the most popular destinations throughout the region. Sound Transit has invested nearly $6 million in regional infrastructure including direct access ramps to increase bus speed and reliability.

Street car

Local-stop service, designed to offer service similar to a local bus.